It’s easy to scribble

Hmm.. I’m at an important phase of life called fatherhood (which has no end.. but it’s a starting phase like childhood) where I don’t feel anything new, caring baby is all we do in this starting phase. But seeing the changes in him from the day he born is like, watching some slow movie which feels real good. (Phew! what an example I made, as I’m a movie-freak)

So why this topic?.. not sure why I chose, but I would say that its better to go with the flow at all times in life.

Like.. I hope you had an experience of planning something for a very long time and done nothing about it and thing which you never planned or even think, happened all of a sudden and feeling amazed about it.

Photo by Calum MacAulay on Unsplash

So, all of a sudden I thought to start writing something, which could be a wake up call for a writer inside me.

What I’m up-to conclude is, whether you’re sure about something or not, first start it and go with the flow.

Instead of planning or think something for a very long time and doing nothing about it. Just do it!

Stoic Wolf